The Baobab Institute is an indigenous African organization that is a technical assistance provider of choice in West Africa. The Baobab Institute fosters local ownership and strengthens the capacity of local systems to produce favorable development outcomes at the regional, national, subnational, and community levels. And it ensures that local actors have a more prominent voice and role in development.  


We envision a West Africa that has dynamic human capital equipped with the right tools to create a thriving region.


The Baobab Institute nurtures vibrant, African-led organizations and leaders to create and implement solutions for its development challenges so the region will flourish.


We believe in betting on people. We believe people are prepared to forge their own destiny. We strive to support them to realize their full potential.

We celebrate boldness and give ourselves and others permission to fail and apply lessons learned.

We believe in the right for everyone to have access to basic health, education, decent jobs, and human rights.

We foster learning and intellectual generosity. We believe openness to learning from others is a requisite for becoming a change agent.

What We Do

  • Organizational development
  • Financial management and compliance
  • Advocacy
  • Governance and data technical assistance
  • Family planning technical assistance
  • Health workforce technical assistance
  • Measurement & learning technical assistance
  • Digital health training assistance
  • Training and coaching for local organizations


Can we count on you?